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                                                                             A Bundle Board

This is a new, one of a kind, Patent Pending Guessing Game & Keepsake. This experience allows you to guess every detail of an expected baby, babies or their arrival! Our beautifully decorated creations help capture the excitement and anticipation of this amazing time in one's life. Begin their story with a Bundle Board, treasure it for a lifetime!

                                                                            A Gender Chart

Finding out the gender of your baby before they arrive? Well, then a gender guessing chart is exactly what you need.  Allow friends and family to join in on the excitement by guesssing what you are having. Our sturdy, frameable and beautifully decorated board captures all of the happiness endured during this anticipating time. It will be a treasure for years to come. 

                                                    Our baby kits also include the following:

Pacifier and string game- "Don't say BABY" Let each guess make a pacifier and string necklace for themselves. If a guest heres another say "BABY" they get to take their neckalce. Whoever has the most necklaces wins!

Baby guessing game with bagLet your guests fill in how many items they think are in your baby bag. You can fill it with candy or a baby (i.e. mini baby bottle) items.

Baby Banner- Sturdy squares with silk string, this banner will add just the right touch to your baby event!

Baby Poster- Our adorable and sturdy baby poster comes with mounting putty and can be placed anywhere at your baby event to add to the ambience!

                                                                                     Potty Charts

This is a special, yet delicate time in a child's development. There are very few scientific studies out there that address the right age to potty train or what approach is most appropriate. Our training system was inspired by that. For 17 years I taught and directed at a preschool and eventual childcare setting.  I am hoping that my knowledge from potty training hundreds of children can assist you. Through those years, I was able to master the task by learning what methods worked and which were ineffective. I also realized the process had to be adjusted slightly for each child, which really helped. My approach begins with a basic interactive potty book. It keeps the child fully engaged and excited about the process. If you use our materials, read the brief parent guide and read your trainee their potty book, they can be trained in as little as a few days.

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